Because quality is a business strategy sustainable on the long term 

In order to attain the highest standards of international quality and customer satisfaction , our Factory Software, management process and information systems are certified by Standard ISO 9001 – 14001,  and we are the first and only company in this activity with that grade.

As our company has environmental concern, we have also implemented a quality-friendly policy, certifying our processes under Standards ISO 14001 – 2004, which is an essential requirement to act as supplier of City Councils and Government Entities.

Object and Application Area (Objeto y campo de aplicación)

By special wish of the Head Manager, the person in charge of Quality and Environmental management has established and promoted the implementation of an Integrated Management System consisting of a Quality Management System based on the requirements of Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems” and of an environmental management system based on the requirements of Standard UNE-EN-14001:2004 “Environmental management systems”, for the provision of the following services:

  • Design and development of own information projects, as well as for third parties.
  • Repair of bodyworks, car breakdown and maintenance, either of its property or of third parties.
  • Vehicle logistics.
  • Auctions Promotion and Management for used and damaged vehicles.
  • Purchase and sale of new and used vehicles.
  • Renting of vehicles

The purpose of the COMPANY’s quality system is to provide a service according the customer’s requirements and those set  by the legislation in force, in order to attain customer’s satisfaction.  This must be performed by preventing or correcting any non-conformity in all the stages, from the expression of customer’s needs, up to the resolution of small pending details when finishing the design.

The presents apply to the processes included in the service Design and development of computing projects for itself and for third parties – Repair of Bodyworks, car breakdowns and maintenance of vehicles that it owns or for third parties – Management of vehicle logistics.  Promotion and management of auctions of used and damaged vehicles – Purchase and sale of new and used vehicles – Renting of vehicles.  This applies from the moment the customer expresses its needs, until the end of the required service (Purchase and Sub-Contracting Management, Inspections in process and final).   It includes all the necessary phases to achieve the objective, such as resource management (human and material), purchase of equipments and materials, the different functions of the pertinent Directions, etc.-

The actions taken by THE COMPANY so as to obtain the measurement, analysis and improvement, such as the quality audits, corrective and preventive actions, management of detected non-conformities, and customers’ claims, as well as the evaluation of customers’ satisfaction, also apply to this manual.

THE COMPANY does not exclude any item of Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 mentioned above, within its Integrated Management System.

The scope of the Environmental Management System is equal to that defined for the system of Quality Management, i.e. it affects all the phases of the described service provision.  The Environmental Management System has been integrated to the global management system in order to achieve a higher efficiency and the clear definition of the responsibilities of each function of THE COMPANY regarding environmental affairs.

The Environmental Management System has been established to attain the improvement of the environmental conduct of THE COMPANY.  In order to attain this general objective, the authorities of THE COMPANY reviews and evaluates periodically its Environmental Management System so as to identify and carry out the upgrading opportunities.